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13+ years designing and building unique strategies to achieve top performing ads. Our pros help you take the most market share over your competitors, increase quality leads/sales, increase ROI and lower your conversion costs.

Our social media services don’t just help you stay up to date with your social pages. We help you grow your Facebook & Instagram accounts without the use of bots or excessive use of third party content curation.

Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly known as SEO, involves a series of repetitive continuous tasks both on your website and off your website, to enable your site to be recognized by search engines and seen by your consumers organically.

Our in house professional videographers/photographers, copywriters and graphic designers are well versed in the art of creating content that people want to consume. Every piece of content we create serves your bottom line.

We are immensely passionate about online marketing and delivering results for our clients.

With decades worth of combined experience, we know the struggles businesses face with agencies and outsourced work, so we built Black Card Marketing Inc. to separate ourselves from the rest and vow to give our clients the dedicated attention and commitment they deserve.