V Burger

How we helped V Burger gain a massive boost in local followers & line-ups of 40 to 50 people from morning to night!

July 30, 2020
V Burger Case Study

Project Brief

V Burger came to us with a specific goal in mind. To grow their Instagram following and create some buzz before they opened their doors to their local community. As the new vegan fast food kid on the block, they needed to make sure they targeted the right audience so their opening date would be successful. 

We took on the challenge, but we didn’t simply stop at Instagram followers. Our team exceeded expectations and built an opening soon landing page to also gain subscribers. In the end we increased their Instagram following, created an email list and helped them also gain a Facebook following all at once. Their opening date was a success!

Results Summary

From 2.9k to 8.2k

In just two months their Instagram following increased to 8.2k (and counting) local followers.

Subscriber List

In less than two months their subscribers went from zero to 911 and counting.

Facebook Followers

Though Facebook followers wasn't part of the scope of work, we went above an beyond and took their following from zero to 796 in two months anyway.

Massive Line Ups

On opening week the line ups were massive! There were normally 40 - 50 people lined up at all times from morning to night.