Medical Marijuana Client

Trail Blazing New Digital Marketing Efforts in a Highly Regulated Industry

July 28, 2020

Project Brief

Our medical cannabis client helps ease pain that comes from the symptoms of many common and uncommon medical conditions. They connect people with qualified physicians in and around Calgary to help them obtain free medical cannabis prescriptions. Though the recreational side of the cannabis industry is at an all-time high for demand, the medical cannabis industry is very difficult to break into due to a wide range of regulations from ‘the man’. Our client was having a difficult time generating more demand and was in dire need of leads. Our team restructured the website, created engaging content, navigated digital advertising regulations, and created a long-term market expansion plan to enable our client’s growth.

Results Summary

From Zero to 60+ Monthly Leads

Through organic means we increased the leads to avg 60+ a month after the first 2 months of SEO, and 50+ paid leads/month.

Increased Lead Volume

Reached a 2400% increase in lead volume in just a couple of months.

Highly Engaging Content

Top performing ads generated an 11.69% CTR while top performing landing pages generated a 5.56% Conversion Rate.

Ad Approvals

Gained a 66% market share in one week around the city of Calgary for Google ads. Managed approval for FB ads with our tested and proven method

The Challenge

Meaningfully expand our client’s online presence to generate more demand for their services while working around a wide range of regulations.

Our client was burned out from worrying about how they were going to get new clientele without spending a huge amount of money on a new website or even traditional media. The site had a wide range of technical issues, not enough content, confusing content, and did not properly educate people on the benefits of using medical cannabis vs alternative medication. Fortunately for our client, we had some heady ideas to improve their digital marketing.

The Solution

We started off by improving their current website and created new content to help our client rank on highly competitive terms organically. While that was happening, we also completed persona research to figure out what their audience was doing online (besides looking for cannabis) and created new ad campaigns to generate additional demand for their services. We knew that this was going to be a long-term process because their audience needed to be educated to show them the value of going to a private physician to get a free medical cannabis prescription vs going to their family doctor or using an alternate medication. So, we put together a long-term strategy for nurturing newer prospects and growing them into clients. 


The new strand of lead generation and branding efforts on Google Search have been incredibly successful. After establishing the website we’ve increased organic traffic in a matter of 4 months while maintaining a 10% conversion rate. 

We’ve also managed to establish and improve the CPA of our lead generation efforts on Google Ads since launching. We created these results by finding keywords on Google Search that generated traffic at a low $1.45 cost per click while we worked on improving our CTR (started at 4.7% and improved to 7.7%) and conversion rate (started at 1.12% and improve to 1.87%). We also managed to successfully launch a test campaign on medical cannabis terms using ad copy that did not contain any medical cannabis terms. 

The New Digital Marketing Efforts Improved Results!

Our client now has a hot new strategy in place to generate new inquiries & develop brand awareness while nurturing people to allow them to realize the benefits of medical cannabis relative to their symptoms