Monster Group Inc.

How we helped Monster Group Inc. lower their Facebook Ads CPA from avg $160/lead down to $14-$26 in less than a month.

July 6, 2020

Project Brief

Monster Group Inc. has a few divisions which connect Australian’s to services including electricity, solar power and internet services. They have a massive monthly ad spend budget but they weren’t getting the most out of it. When Monster Group Inc. approached us they knew they needed some help mainly with their social media ads for solar energy. Their average CPA was sitting at $100-$200 a lead. Their goal was to get it down to $50 a lead.

Results Summary

90% Decrease In CPA

Avg cost per lead went from avg $100 - $200 down to avg $14-$26 per lead in less than 30 days.

803% Increase In CTR

Our new ad copies and creatives increased their CTR and overall engagement.

55% Increase In Leads

We found their budget was going a long way with the decrease in CPA. Their lead count was increasing substantially in comparison to prior months.

Increased Lead Volume

Reached a 2400% increase in lead volume in just a couple of months.

The Challenge

Monster Group Inc. has gone through a number of staff as well as marketing agencies both local and international in an attempt to help optimize their ad spend dollars. Unfortunately, they weren’t having luck since their avg CPA was further increasing instead of decreasing due to the recent major Facebook changes.

When we stepped in to audit the account we found multiple opportunities for improvement…

  • Some major pixel issues in the code which heavily affected campaigns
  • A poisoned pixel was skewing the data
  • Opportunities to reach new markets
  • Optimization opportunities
  • Creative testing opportunities
  • Required campaign structure for better performance
  • No nurturing and sales funnels were created

The Solution

Audit & Evaluation
We ran a comprehensive audit to determine areas of improvement and worked with their dev team to help fix some design & major pixel issues.

Improved Strategy
Based on data, we put together a new and improved strategy. We worked with their team to build new landing pages, consult for new videos, graphics, put together better messages and restructured their ad manager. We launched shortly after.

Testing Everything
We began a series of comprehensive tests which were scheduled to run for 2-3 months. We tested audiences, creatives, ad copies, objectives, ad types and landing pages.

The New Digital Marketing Efforts Improved Results!

Although the initial testing phase was scheduled to run for 2 – 3 months, we exceeded expectations and went beyond the initial $50/lead goal in less than 30 days.

Monster Group Inc. is currently receiving leads at $14-$26 during these competitive holiday months, and the cost is steadily decreasing as time goes by and the pixel is further optimized.

Augusto Pereira - Monster Group Inc.

Catherine was able to significantly reduce our leads cost, helping us achieve our targets within the target margin. Awesome work, I really recommend her.